Why choose TISOT?

TISOT Group sends internationally renowned special operatives to train your crew in a wide range of specialties. We train for professionalism, integrity, and strong character. You will see a huge difference in a short period of time. 

Does TISOT Train security officers?

Yes, TISOT has experience training police and security personnel internationally. TISOT also specializes in training security for fire fighting, Emergency Trauma, water survival, rescue, and physical fitness. 

Can TISOT send a trainer to a corporate event?

Absolutely! Would you like your female staff to be trained in self defense? How about training staff in fire extinguishers? TISOT offers a wide range of internationally certified training courses. After course completion TISOT offers international certification on the subject. 

What if our security or organization is not located in Asia or USA?

Not a problem. TISOT will send a trainer to the country of your operation. 

We have an employee that presented a TISOT Certificate, can we confirm whether they were trained by TISOT?

Of course, TISOT keeps an extensive record of all individuals trained. With consent from the employee, TISOT can release training records. 

How long does Training take?

Some courses requires weeks of training, while some are only an hour. Request more information in the Contact Us section to inquire about specific training classes. 


Does TISOT offer Bodyguard Training?

TISOT offers many certifications including safety trainings for bodyguards. Not only should personal protection be physically fit, but they should also be of sound mind and strong character. TISOT trains personal protectors to deal with a wide range of emergencies to keep their employers and their families safe. 

What is different about a TISOT SFT guard vs a regular security guard.

Night and day difference. Contact TISOT to learn more.