TISOT Group was founded by Sergeant Taylor of USA. Taylor worked in Alaska as a sergeant law enforcement officer and trainer, fire chief, emergency trauma technician, search and rescue coordinator, and emergency first responder. Taylor managed emergencies ranging from Volcano eruptions, bear attacks, wildland fires, and tracking down felons. 

Taylor began his international career when he subdued a violent passenger on an international flight to Asia who was assaulting females in-flight. Taylor managed to detain the suspect with duct tape and tactical experience. EVA Airlines Management greeted Taylor at the airport with First Class Tickets, gifts, and diplomat passes for his handling of the emergency.  

After traveling Asia, Taylor realized there was a strong demand for security and safety personnel, but an absolute lack of international standards training and certifications. Having trained law enforcement, firefighting, and many other specialties in Alaska under strict USA standards, Taylor decided to form TISOT Group. 

TISOT offers international standard safety training and consulting.  TISOT Group will send trainers to your business to observe security practices, evaluate team function, then train the individuals in professionalism, responsibility, physical fitness, leader mentorship, fire safety, basic law enforcement, first-aid, and emergency management. TISOT certifies above the international training standards. 

If you would like professional team building courses and trainings to help keep your organization safe, please contact TISOT. It is our passion to train and empower your team to keep people safe while maintaining the utmost professionalism.