Our Experience

With over 20 years experience in the Law Enforcement, Firefighting, Medical, Search and Rescue, fitness, and Survival Industry, we decided to up the standards. Our paramilitary training process is designed to empower your team and provide proven results. TISOT offers international certified classes and trainings in various disciplines. 

Why Us?

TISOT has a proven track record of training police, firefighters, medics, search and rescue, and special operations internationally. From training Inupiat in the Arctic, to Khmer in Cambodia. TISOT gets the job done! We train your staff, and provide the leaders mentorship training so the staff continues to perform at an optimal level, even after our exit. Does your organization need security or safety training? Would you like your staff to be certified at the international level? Do you want the most professional and efficient team able to calmly deal with a wide range of emergencies? 

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